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Trademark protection

Gefera Media against Copying – our initiative for protecting your rights

By showing your products at the exhibition, you are simultaneously demonstrating your intellectual property! Your ideas can be taken note of by unscrupulous competitors at the exhibition and next time the same competitors' goods can be offered for sale next to your product.

In accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, your exclusive rights to trademarks can be protected by submitting several claims to their violator.

Therefore, before the exhibition, we recommend you to learn the following:

In which country was your trademark originally registered?
When and for which classes of goods was your trademark registered?
For which countries has your trademark been registered?
With whom were the trademark license agreements concluded? Who is/ was the official distributor of your products in Russia?

Knowing this information will greatly help you in case of conflict situations at the exhibition!

Please contact our partners if:

  • Someone is photographing your product;
  • Similar products with a similar trademark or your products are advertised on another exhibition stand;
  • your trademark is used at another exhibition stand (for example, on labels, packaging of goods, in offers for the sale of goods, on signs, stands, in advertisements, etc.).

Contact for further information:
"Schulze, Brutyan and Partners" International Law Firm
Phone: +7 (495) 785-27-41

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