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We are creating new formats for exhibition in order to increase you participation effectiveness to improve your business!

Special sections of the exhibition, where participants can demonstrate their products in a non-standard format. The purpose of the updated conceptual zones is to attract additional attention to the presented products, as well as to show design solutions and technologies in all sections of the exhibition. 


- For whom the Smart Box is suitable for?
- Companies that want to demonstrate building automation and smart home technologies, integrated security systems.

Smart Box format - located in the exhibition area dedicated to the Intelligent Building section. How to attract attention to a stand with security and building automation technologies?

Show clearly how these technologies work! At the Smart Box booth, you can present boxed automation and security solutions: smart speaker control, access systems, video surveillance, face recognition and much more. Smart Box can be your only representation at the exhibition, or an addition to the main stand.


- For whom the LightBox is suitable for?
- Companies that want to demonstrate technical lighting in their work.

Light Box is part of the Interlight exhibition, the most effective of the compact ways to show how the technologies of the "Technical Lighting" section work. In this zone, you can recreate the thematic setting of the sphere from which you want to attract customers. Examples of the design of a Light Box: a museum exhibit and its lighting, UV lamps in a hospital ward, architectural illumination of the facade, phytolamps for plants, etc. The narrow theme of your Light Box will allow you to attract the attention of the visitors you need. LightBox can be either your only representation at the exhibition, or an addition to the main stand.


- For whom the Meeting Booth is suitable for?
- Companies that want to demonstrate their products, hold presentations, hold negotiations.

Meeting booth is a new format of participation for an individual approach to product demonstrations. The stand is closed and access to presentation materials and samples is possible only by your decision. You can negotiate with potential clients at your stand and negotiate a contract in a private setting.Different footage sizes and different configurations of the Meeting booth are available so that you can choose the most comfortable format.


- For whom the Mini Booth is suitable for?
- Companies that want a small stand, but do not like standard buildings.

Mini-stands are another format that is provided on a turnkey basis. Individual construction with a utility room, electrical connection and assistance in the installation of your products are included in the price. Total footage: 7.5 sq.m. is perfect for companies that are participating in the exhibition for the first time.

Send an application and find out the conditions of participation in the exhibition with a stand

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